one day intensive for leaders+ catalysts+ purpose-driven women

Saturday December 10, 2022
9:00 am-8:00 pm

Why attend?

Aren’t you tired of playing small? Knowing that you could do more, be more, and live better? Stuck between what you’ve been taught and what you know is possible. You’re afraid to show up BIG in spaces even though you know you carry major significance. When you were growing up, you were encouraged to dream big, but you lacked the direction, encouragement, and resources to do so.

You want to believe that you can do all things and that women can have it all, but your reality in showing up for yourself every day is hard. You need the blueprint. 

You need an elevated space. You need a teacher who has the depth and breadth to advise you with the liberation you desire. You need clarity. You need a clear idea on who you are and where you are heading. You need daily direction for your destiny. You need encouragement for the days the diminished version of you is louder than the predestined version of you. You need to feel confident and competent. No longer needing validation from others before you take your next steps. You need a mentor to help you manage the “much” you’ve been given. You NEED to be at She Cultivates. 

the agenda

Session 1: Vision

  • The Tools of Visionaries
  • The Tasks of Visionaries
  • The Trust in Visionaries

Session 2: Establishing an Elevated Ethos

  • A Made-Up Mind
  • Daily Habits
  • Attitude Adjustment
  • Bigger Beliefs
  • How to develop a calendar for yourself and stop living in reaction
  • How to represent what you believe in this world

Session 3: Edification

  • Building Up
  • Instructions + Improvements

Lunch on your own or lunch in the VIP Lounge

Session 4: Developing Discipline and Discernment

  • Discipline by Design
  • Discerning 
  • Destiny Dignitaries

Session 5: The Art of Trust

  • How to be a woman who can be trusted
  • Confidence + Commitment in/to God
  • Examining the Heart
  • Transformation from Trust

Dinner on your own or dinner in the VIP Lounge

Session 6: The Craft of Cultivation

  • How to Cultivate to Elevate
  • Preparation before Promotion
  • Learn how to uproot harmful planted thoughts from your life by uprooting them from the root (your mind)
  • An in-depth look at the five common weeds choking the fruit of your potential; learn how to transform them into an abundant harvest!

Your identity is rooted in God.

Gain clarity + confidence in these three main areas.


Get direction to guide your daily activities and affirm the vision inside of you.


Become confident in your decision-making. Your destiny relies on your decisiveness.


Get the wisdom you need to be the woman who can be trusted with the integrity and wisdom required to lead.

The woman who cultivates, plants, grows, studies, labors, and sows. We must actively and purposefully cultivate the areas we want to grow in.

It’s grow time!

The venue

the whitley hotel

With an awe-inspiring view of the city skyline outside and timeless sophistication inside, The Whitley, a Marriott Luxury Collection Hotel, welcomes guests to Atlanta’s coveted Buckhead neighborhood. Explore their newly redesigned lobby and guest rooms and experience luxury reimagined in chic Southern style.

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  • One Day Pass
  • She Cultivates Comprehensive Playbook
  • Access to the VIP Lounge
  • A unique gift bag of goodies
  • Exclusive access to a post-event Q&A session
  • A gift from MotivatHER Inc.
  • Access the She Cultivates lounge area, where you can mingle with other VIPs and take a break from the main event.
  • The ability to attend an exclusive VIP lunch in the private dining room will feature healthy options that are sure to energize you for success.


I’m the MotivatHER, Educator, and Cultivator. I love helping women achieve their audacious goals. As an entrepreneur, coach, and speaker, I help women face the fears that hold them back from following their dreams. After countless successes as a businesswoman, wife, and mompreneur of eight, I want to help you succeed in all areas of your life.

I don’t believe in coincidences…you’re here for a purpose.

I feel a universal call for all women to elevate to their higher calling. To recognize their significance, radiate their brilliance, and make their mark. This is your time and the space to cultivate that calling.

Join 50+ ambitious women as we come together for a life-changing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What will I learn at She Cultivates?

At She Cultivates, we’ll help you identify what’s holding you back from being the woman you want to be. We’ll also show you how to take action and become that woman—starting today!We’ll walk you through the process of understanding your values and vision, helping you identify what’s holding you back from happiness, getting clear on what success looks like for you, and creating an action plan for achieving it all!

What do I need to bring with me?

Nothing you’ll be given a playbook, and we have work to do together at the event. If you’d like to bring a tablet or laptop you can to search for ideas or share contact information with other attendees. 

How long does the program last?

The entire training lasts just one day—so it’s easy enough that even if your schedule is packed with work or family obligations, it won’t interfere with anything else going on in your life!

Are there any scholarships available?

We don’t have any scholarship offerings at this time. We believe that the best of the best invest. We do offer a pay in four option to help with covering the cost of the event. 

How many women will be there?

We intentionally cap the event at 50 so that we know each woman at the event and can offer personalized attention. We want to give hugs, learn names, and know your vision intimately. 

How can I get ready for the event?

Get your head right. We know it’s hard to get out of your own way and really let yourself shine, so we’ve made sure that our training is going to be as powerful and supportive as possible, so you can take all of that power inside you and use it to cultivate an amazing life.

Is there an option to stay onsite at the hotel?

Yes! We’d love it if you stayed at the Whitley because there will be many more opportunities to connect with other attendees. Schedule your room block early here

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